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Advice & Tips:

Is your classic car ready for winter?

With the classic car show season drawing to a close, many classic car owners are preparing their cars for winter storage. For many it’s a well practised procedure; however, if you’re new to it, here are the basics.

If you’ve been putting off some larger maintenance jobs, now’s an ideal time to get the work done. The first stage of preparation is to wash and dry the car to remove any corrosive muck, before ideally parking the car in a dry garage. It is wise to chock a wheel and then release the handbrake to prevent the brake seizing on. Next check the antifreeze concentration and also top up the corrosion inhibitors if required. After that we move on to the engine oil - even if the car has done limited mileage an oil change will remove the water and combustion products that may corrode the engine from within. Then we either charge and then disconnect the battery, or connect it to a battery maintainer. We must now give the petrol tank some attention - it is wise to add a fuel stabiliser to prevent the fuel going stale. Now we’re on the home straight, just the tyre pressures to check and then inspect the engine bay and underside of the vehicle and treat any corrosion. Lastly use an anti corrosion product to protect the chrome and any unpainted metal under the bonnet.

Naturally you don’t have to do it all yourself, and our Classic car care information sheet has more information

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