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Advice & Tips - Fuel Cross contamination

On a previous occasion we touched on the subject of getting dirt and water into the fuel and overworking the fuel filter and system.

Something more current  that seems to happen, is the chance that by mistake, you could end up putting the wrong type of fuel into your vehicles fuel tank.

You might think it could never happen to you, it’s not a mistake you would make.

It may be easier to do than you might realise, especially as in most filling stations both petrol and diesel fuel nozzles are on the same pump.

Picking the wrong fuel nozzle up when your mind is on other things, such as when you are in a rush or possibly putting fuel into a vehicle you don’t normally drive, can often lead to a costly error.

Some drivers do notice quite soon after the nozzle trigger is pulled that they have made a mistake, some drivers fill up the whole tank before they realise and unfortunately some drivers actually drive away from the filling station.

If you have realised your mistake and haven’t actually started your vehicle then you are at the best point possible.

Most filling stations tend to have the number of a fuel retrieval specialist, who will for a fee, come out and extract the contaminated fuel, so you need to approach the staff at the station you are at and see if they can help you.

If they don’t have a contact number of a specialist and you belong to a motoring association, then they should be your next port of call.

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