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Advice & Tips - The unexpected

It’s never easy when something you rely on goes wrong and you need to get it repaired, the hassle involved, the inconvenience, the cost.

Having to speak to your normal garage for something other than a service or MOT is hopefully not something you normally have to do.

When the unexpected happens to your car, things can become a little bit more complicated, more stressful for you.

If it’s a noise, leak of some sort or light that has come on, things may not be so bad, as then you have the opportunity of booking it in and taking it somewhere to be looked at.

Sometimes though it always seems to happen at the totally wrong time such as when you’re going to work.

What do you do now, who do you contact, how do you get help.

Maybe you’re a member of a breakdown service preferably with home start if you’re stuck at home.

It’s quite surprising that there are still quite a few owners who don’t have membership of any sort especially with today's intensively complicated cars

Sure it’s not cheap to have, but even if you never use it from one year to the next it’s worth every penny, knowing that when you suddenly hear that gut wrenching clunk or no noise at all or just the engine turning over and not starting that you have someone to help you.

With having a breakdown membership you will be helped wherever you are, and if it can’t be repaired there and then it can be taken to a garage for assessment and repair.

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