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Advice & Tips - Expectations

What do you expect from your local garage - honesty, reliability, value for money, prompt service, professionalism, regular contact and updates, friendliness and good old fashioned courtesy.

Hopefully you get all if not most of the above from the garage that you have built up a relationship with.

If you knew what was needed to repair your car, you may possibly try to sort it out yourself, especially if it isn’t too involved or complicated otherwise like the majority of owners you are in the hands of your garage and you probably need to rely on them totally.

It can be very difficult and frustrating when you can’t get across to your garage what you feel is happening with your car, especially if it happens to be an intermittent issue, it can even make you out as a fool as the problem may not occur while it is in for repair, and then within a short while of you picking it up it starts playing up again.

You know yourself that you wouldn’t have booked it in if there was nothing wrong with it, but occasionally it may be hard to get your garage to understand this, especially if everything checks out, there are no fault codes and everything appears to be okay.

Sometimes unfortunately the only way forward from here, unless your car breaks down, is for the problem to become more regular and possibly until that happens it can become a waiting game, which can knock your confidence in the reliability of your vehicle.

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