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dyno rolling road SUN road-a-matic

Rolling road (Dynamometer)

We have a Sun Road-A-Matic X11 rolling road suitable for taking vehicles with up to 240 BHP at the road wheels.

The dynamometer is sometimes useful for the setting up of load points for custom mapping work, but in our experience is no substitute for real world driving, and as a result we favour test driving the vehicle with on board diagnostics, over the use of the rolling road.

It should be pointed out that by the nature of a rolling road run, no matter how careful and skilled the operator, there is always a risk of damage to the vehicle as it will be run at load for longer than would be experienced during normal road or track driving. This, combined with it not being possible to totally recreate the cooling air flow characteristics of real driving means the engine will experience high levels of mechanical and thermal stress.

Unfortunately this can result in accelerated wear or even premature engine failure. As a result  we no longer offer power runs or ‘Dyno shootouts’.

Engine tune up information sheet (including Dyno)